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Security Interoperation Model of Cross-domain Network Resources

TANG Cheng-hua, ZHANG Xin, WANG Lu, WANG Yu and QIANG Bao-hua   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Network resources are in need of sharing and interoperability under the control of security policy.Aiming at the interoperability security problem of the resources among the heterogeneous security domains,a security interoperation model of accessing to cross-domain network resources based on RBAC security policy was proposed.Firstly,the concept of inter-domain role was introduced,and the requirement of accessing to cross-domain resources sharing was defined.Secondly,based on the cross-domain operation criteria,the security interoperation model and access algorithm of heterogeneous inter domain resources were put forward.Finally,The model and algorithm were analyzed through the application environment of a real project case.Results show that this method has the characteristics of high pertinence and effective access control,and provides a feasible way for the security implementation of resources sharing and interoperation.

Key words: Heterogeneous,Cross-domain,Security domain,Security interoperation,Network security

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