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Stability Analysis for Predicting LWDF Scheduling Algorithm in M-WiMAX

HU Yong-dong   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: As a standard 4G mobile wireless network,mobile worldwide interoperability for microwave access (M-WiMAX) has a perfect service quality guarantee mechanism,and a packet scheduling algorithm is one of the core mecha-nisms of the service quality guarantee.There is a poisson’s arrival stream of multiple users.Markov chain was used to model a wireless time-varying channel.Thus the M-WiMAX network in PMP mode was modeled as a M/G/1 queuing system.And then,the channel capacity region was derived.The stable region was calculated,as well as that the Pre-LWDF scheduling algorithm has the packet level stability was proved with Lyapunov drift stability theory.Finally,M-WiMAX network simulation environment was built on NS2 simulation platform to verify the stability of Pre-LWDF scheduling algorithm.The simulation results show that the Pre-LWDF algorithm has the packet level stability in M-WiMAX network.

Key words: M-WiMAX,Pre-LWDF,Lyapunov drift,Stability

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