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Method for Detecting Wiretapping Attack in Satellite Network Based on Quantum Cryptography

HUANG Jing, XI Bo, LI Peng, ZHANG Fan and ZHAO Xin-jie   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: The wiretapping attack is the foundation of many advanced attacks on satellite network.Since quantum cryptography will be widely used in satellite network,a method for detecting wiretapping attack in satellite network based on quantum cryptography was proposed.Based on the spatial distributions of the satellites,a layered and clustering wiretapping attack detection model was presented at first.During the process of wiretapping attack detection,when the neighboring satellites detect a wiretapping attack in their channel,the corresponding alarm messages will be first sent to the head node of their cluster through secure channels.At the same time,the corresponding alarm messages will be further fused and sent to the ground control center by the head node.The secure link of two satellites will be established according to the secure link establishing scheme from the ground control center.Eventually,the security and the effectiveness of the proposed method were analyzed.The proposed method can lay a foundation for further research on the techniques of satellite network protection.

Key words: Satellite network,Quantum cryptography,Wiretapping attack,Clustering

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