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Full-temporal Index of Moving Objects Based on Distributed Main Memory Database

ZHOU Xiang-yu, CHENG Chun-ling and YANG Yan-ying   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Due to the traditional index of moving objects ignores the cache-conscious of index nodes,only the two-layer memory/disk hierarchy is optimized.Thus,this paper proposed a novel full-temporal index structure named DFTBx-tree based on the distributed main memory database.The optimization of new index structure includes the Cache,the main memory and the hard disk.The size of index nodes is set according to many conditions such as Cache line,the number of instructions and the number of TLB mismatches.Meanwhile,the size of historical data migration nodes is designed a ccording to the size of the disk data pages.Therefore,the cache and the main memory can read the data of interior node or leaf node at a time,to avoid the delay caused by multiple data reads.Moreover,the full-temporal index of mo-ving objects is supported by historical data which is linked through a migration chain.Compared with other algorithms,the experiment shows that DFTBx-tree has higher efficiency in query and update operations.

Key words: Distributed main memory database,Moving objects,Full-temporal index,Three-level structure

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