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Acquiring Relationships Between Geographical Entities Based on Semantic Grammar

ZHOU Qi, LU Ye, LI Ting-yu, WANG Ya, ZHANG Zai-yue and CAO Cun-gen   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Geographic information and data are important components of the objective knowledge world.Geographic information extraction (GIE) aims to extract various relationships between geographic entities from unstructured geographic text.A novel method for GIE was proposed,which depends on semantic parsing with a geographic grammar.First,GeoRSG (Geographical Relationship Semantic Grammar) was constructed,which reflects geographic relationships in Chinese written language.GeoRSG also reflects a classification of relationships between geographic entities,and uses a rule-based method to depict linguistic expressions of relationships in the text.Then,we implemented a parser,called the GeoRSG Parser,which is used to obtain the geographical knowledge in the form of the predicate with the help of GeoRSG.Experiments indicate that the method can obtain 81 triples relationships and 816 binary relationships between geographic entities from 1000 statements,and has achieved a precision rate of 88.85%.

Key words: Relationship between geographic entities,Semantic grammar,Knowledge acquisition from text

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