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Video Denoising Method Based on Improved Dual-domain Image Denoising

QUAN Li, HU Yue-li, ZHU An-ji and YAN Ming   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Image denoising continues to be an active research topic.Recently the proposed BM3D is based on block matching,which introduces visible artifacts in homogeneous regions,manifesting as low-frequency noise.This paper offered a hybrid method that is easy to implement and yet rivals BM3D in quality.The noise differentials were estimated using robust kernels in two spatial domains,one spatial range domain and one frequency range domain.The approach using robust estimators unifies spatial and wavelet domain methods.Video denoising based on temporal is highly effective,and the method is further demonstrated particularly to be suitable for video denoising.Comparing to the DCT,the value of PSNR of the proposed method is improved by about 1dB.

Key words: Dual-domain image denoising,Bilateral filtering,Wavelet shrinkage,Short-time fourier transform

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