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Double Search Colony Algorithm for Color Remote Sensing Image Edge Detection Based on Quaternion Representation

PU Guo-lin and QIU Yu-hui   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: With the advent of big data of remote sensing image,common color remote sensing image edge detection has a greater amount of computation,lower speed,worse effect and more obvious shortcomings.We used a quaternion vector to represent a color pixel,improved artificial bee colony algorithm for single search equation,expanded employed bee search area,and added Levy flight factor in the equation of onlookers,proposed an artificial bee colony algorithm based on dual-search equation.Experimental results show that improved double search artificial bee colony algorithm for remote sensing image edge detection not only significantly reduce the amount of computation of edge detection,but also reduce the noises in the color remote sensing image.The proposed algorithm can be effectively applied to obtain the re-cognition target from remote sensing image.

Key words: Colony algorithm,Color remote sensing image,Double search equation,Eedge detection,Quaternion

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