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Testing and Invalid Testing Case Localization Model Based on Metamorphic Relation

HUI Zhan-wei, HUANG Song, ZHANG Ting-ting and LIU Jian-hao   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Aiming at the limitations of traditional metamorphic testing model MTM,this paper proposed a testing model MRTM based on metamorphic relation.Through comparative analysis,firstly,characteristics such as scope of its application are pointed out.Secondly,in view of the problem that the invalid testing case is hard to determine that both MTM and MRTM are facing,a failed test case localization method of metamorphic testing (FTCL-MT) based on dubiety computation was proposed.As a supplement to the existing testing model,FTCL-MT is helpful to achieve precise positioning of invalid test cases in the case that CMR is not satisfied,so that it can provide support for existing fault location technologies.Finally,experiments show the effectiveness of FTCL-MT.

Key words: Metamorphic relation,Test model,Metamorphic testing,Invalid testing case

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