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Boundary Characteristics of Inverse P-sets and System Condition Monitoring

REN Xue-fang, ZHANG Ling and SHI Kai-quan   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Inverse P-sets are set models which have dynamic characteristics,and their dynamic characteristics come from element (or attribute) dynamic transferring.Elements transferring into the set makes the boundary of the set expand,and elements moving out from the set makes the boundary of the set contract,generating perturbation boundary and stable core.Based on the fact above and the inverse P-set theory,the concepts of boundary and core of inverse P-sets were proposed,their characteristics were given,and the relationships between inverse P-sets and finite ordinary element set were discussed.Then based on the aforementioned results,the perturbation theorems of the boundaries and the perturbation theorems of core were presented.Finally the application of inverse P-set,the boundary and the core in system condition monitoring was given.

Key words: Inverse P-sets,Element transfer,Boundary,Core,Perturbation theorems

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