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Key Management Scheme for Three-dimensional Acoustic Sensor Network Based on Cluster

HUANG Bin, LIU Guang-zhong and XU Ming   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: In the three-dimensional acoustic sensor network based on cluster,the decorated area is divided into multiple rooms which are cubes.Among cluster head nodes,the symmetric key is generated to verify nodes by relative coordinates.Between nodes within the cluster,the symmetric key is generated to verify nodes by modified symmetric polynomials.When the nodes communicate in the network,they generate symmetric key which is used to communicate by symmetric matrices.It realizes complete connection in communication.Compared with the previous key management scheme for sensor network,this scheme can realize node revocation and key update,and it has high scalability,reliability and low cost.This scheme can also effectively resist DoS attack especially gather attack between nodes’ communication because of first lightweight node authentication mechanism.Compared with one-way hash method,this scheme can more efficiently resist cluster head compromise because of three-dimensional key.

Key words: Three-dimensional key,One-way hash chain,Symmetric matrix,Verification key,Communication key

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