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Defense Technology Based on Dynamic Space-Time Performance for Flooding Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

WANG Wei, WANG Jia-jun, WANG Ming-ming, ZHANG Wen-jing and CHEN Jin-guang   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Flooding attacks is a kind of seriously harmful DOS attack in mobile Ad Hoc networks.However,the existing researches on security defense for flooding attacks are almost unfit for the characteristics (such as limited resource,dynamic topology) in Ad Hoc networks,and couldn’t keep the balance between network performance and network security.On the basis of analysis of the inherent relations among space-time dynamic properties,network performance evaluation and security threatens,a defense technology based on performance evaluation for Flooding attacks in mobile Ad Hoc networks was presented.With the measurable system evaluation indexes for security threaten,defense income and cost,the mechanism of making defense policies and optimizing defense performance is achieved in the proposed system.Simulation results show that the proposed defense technology can overcome a good many drawbacks in the existing security technologies for mobile Ad Hoc networks.Consequently,the proposed technology can meet the network pro-perties and actual application of mobile Ad Hoc networks.

Key words: Mobile Ad Hoc networks,Flooding attacks,Network performance evaluation,Space-time dynamics,Security threatens

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