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Integral Zero-correlation Cryptanalysis on Zodiac

MA Meng, ZHAO Ya-qun and LIU Qing-cong   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Zodiac algorithm,which was designed by a group of Korean scholars,is a 16-round Feistel-type block cipher.In this paper,the security of Zodiac algorithm was evaluated from the point of integral zero-correlation cryptanalysis for the first time.Two groups of 13-round zero-correlation linear approximations for zodiac were constructed,and the 8-round integral zero-correlation distinguisher of zodiac was given,based on which integral zero-correlation cryptanalysis was made on the full-round Zodiac algorithm,and 144bit round-subkey was restored successfully.It shows that the integral zero-correlation cryptanalysis on the full-round Zodiac-128/192/256 algorithm needs 2120 pairs of chosen plaintext-ciphertext and about 282 full-round Zodiac encryptions,and its time complexity is obviously better than the existing results of integral attack.

Key words: Block cipher,Zodiac,Zero-correlation linear approximation,Integral zero-correlation cryptanalysis

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