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High-throughput MAC Protocol for Industrial Convergent Wireless Networks

XU Yi-da and XU Chao-nong   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Convergent topology is a widely used topology in industrial wireless sensor networks,and its throughput is adversely influenced by the hidden terminal problem.Nowadays,channel reservation scheme is utilized to deal with the notorious hidden terminal problem.However,the increasing data rate in the physical layer introduces relatively short packets,which results in the relative increase of the overhead of the channel reservation scheme.Since IEEE 802.11 DCF cannot effectively deal with the two problems mentioned above simultaneously,we proposed a novel protocol,termed as APCSMA,for convergent topology.Specifically,the channel reservation scheme is eliminated to deal with the relatively short packets,and an opportunistic transmission scheme is employed to deal with the hidden terminal problem.A necessary condition has been developed for the optimal transmission probability to maximize the per-node throughput.Together with the assumption of uniformly distributed nodes,the optimal transmission probability is derived under the primary interference model.Then,the performances of our protocol are thoroughly investigated in terms of network throughput,delay and energy efficiency.Our analytical results verified by simulations and the results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed protocol in practical industrial convergent wireless networks.

Key words: MAC,Convergent,Hidden terminal,Channel reservation,Interference model

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