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Efficient Mechanism of Hybrid Memory Placement and Erasure Code

WU Yang, FU Yin-jin, CHEN Wei-wei and NI Gui-qiang   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: With the rapid development of big data and multi-core technology,the growth of traditional memory techno-logy,as a matter of fact,has been far away from satisfying the memory computing needs along with the emergence of a large number of data intensive applications.In recent years,the emergence and development of non-volatile memory (NVM) obviously provides an opportunity to break the bottleneck of traditional memory technology.As a typical emerging non-volatile memory,phase change memory (PCM) and traditional DRAM memory have their own advantages.What’s more,it is widely considered to be most likely to replace traditional DRAM memory and has very good develo-pment prospects in the memory applications.Hybrid memory based on DRAM and PCM makes it possible to play the respective advantages of DRAM and PCM simultaneously.Therefore,in this paper,a hybrid memory architecture of DRAM and PCM was proposed,which is designed to evidently improve the system reliability of the hybrid memory system by using erasure code,based on the efficient reading,writing strategy and data migration mechanism.Experiments firmly show that the hybrid memory system can greatly reduce energy consumption,obviously improve the throughput,and ensure the reliability of reading and writing.

Key words: Hybrid memory,DRAM,PCM,Erasure codes,Reading and writing strategy

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