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Multi-user Cooperative Power Control Allocation Scheme for D2D Cellular System Based on Noise Model

YANG Da-yu, LI Jing-zhao and REN Ping   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: In order to alleviate the interference between the D2D users and improve throughput of the whole cellular system during the process of communication,according to the number of D2D users,channel conditions and the limitation of the system throughput requirements,the problem of multi-user transmission power control under the interfe-rence noise model constraint was analyzed.The interference model was constrained by introducing the Boltzmann’s constant and other parameters,and the utility-based of system average transmit power and maximum sum rate was got finally.What’s more,the power control allocation scheme of multi-user cooperation game based on the reverse iteration combining algorithm was put forward.Simulation results show that the algorithm satisfies the power allocation requirements under the multi-user shared cellular network spectrum resource,when the transmit power of end-user reaches the Nash equilibrium after several reverse iterations,the throughput of system is improved significantly,and the spectrum resource achieves a well-balanced earnings.

Key words: D2D,Resource allocation,Power control,Game algorithm,Noise temperature,Cooperative transmission

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