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Study of Complex Event Hierarchies Realization Based on Hierarchical Automata Model

JIN Da-wei, SHI Si, YI Cai and YANG Bing   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Complex event processing technology extracts event sequences which satisfy the specific patterns (called complex events) from continuous event streams.It processes a large sum of data in real time intelligently and has attracted the attention from both academia and industry in recent years.However,the state-of-the-art researches focus on single-layer complex event detection.In fact,because business systems have different hierarchical needs of information,events in system should be processed according to their hierarchies.Single-layer complex event detection cannot afford to meet the needs of hierarchical information in different managerial hierarchies.To deal with such problem,in this work,a hierarchical complex event detection model,hierarchical automata,was defined based on the concept of event hierarchies and traditional nondeterministic finite automaton (NFA) model.Then we designed a more intuitive and effective EH-Tree structure and proposed hierarchical complex event detection (HCED) algorithm and its cost model.Finally,taking throughput and memory consumption as indexes,massive experiments were performed to compare the spatial and temporal performance of HCED algorithm based on EH-Tree and SASE algorithm based on NFA.The results testify that our HCED algorithm can perform hierarchical complex event detection effectively and efficiently,which fills in the blanks of hierarchical complex event detection and indicates that our work can be a basis for further research of complex event processing.

Key words: Complex event processing,Pattern matching,Event hierarchies,Hierarchical automata,Tree

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