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Sequential Three-way Classifier with Local Reduction

JU Heng-rong, LI Hua-xiong, ZHOU Xian-zhong, HUANG Bing and YANG Xi-bei   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Sequential three-way decision is a novel decision approach of three-way decision theory in recent years.Howe-ver,in classical sequential three-way decision research,little attention was paid to two important issues,one is the construction of sequential information granule,and the other is the application in classification learning.To address such issues,the intrinsic sequential properties of local and global reductions were studied firstly in this paper.Based on such properties,the sequential information granule was constructed with reduct’s property.Furthermore,a sequential three-way classifier was proposed and designed.The experimental results show that,the proposed classifier is not only good at making classification at an appropriate information granule,but it can also improves the classification accuracy when compared with several classical classifiers.

Key words: Classifier,Local reduction,Sequential,Rough set,Three-way decision

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