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Behavioral Model Construction Method for Mobile Applications Based on Smali Code

YU Yong and GUO Qian   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: With the rapid growth in the number of mobile applications and the speed requirement of mobile application development,mobile application testing faces big challenge.In this case,many applications have been put into the market without adequate testing,which may contain bugs and impact the user’s experience.Model-driven testing method is one of the most effective testing methods,which is widely used in function,performance,availability,security testing,and can greatly improve the automation of testing.The biggest difference between the model-driven testing methods for mobile applications and traditional applications is model building method,because mobile applications are event-driven.In this paper,we proposed a method to build mobile application behavior state machine model.First,the intermediate code of the application is obtained through reverse engineering method.Then intermediate code is used to generate event table by static and dynamic methods.At last,the model is built by scanning the screen in the system layer to discover new states and define all states appeared.Experimental results show that our method can effectively and accurately build mobile application behavior model and solve some of the issues which exist in the mobile application model building.

Key words: Mobile application testing,Model-driven testing,Model building,Mobile application behavior model,Reverse engineering,State machine

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