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Key Nodes Mining Algorithm Based on Association with Directed Network

LIANG Ying-ying, HUANG Lan and WANG Zhe   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: The importance of key nodes in the network is higher than most other nodes,and key nodes mining is an important research area of network analysis.It is of great significance for study of network,such as study of network structure,network relations and so on.Many key nodes mining algorithms evaluate key nodes from different emphases.In this paper,we proposed a key nodes mining algorithm based on association with directed network,combining nodes’ partial information and association with neighbors in the network.This algorithm calculates the local centrality of nodes at first.In addition,it also calculates the association centrality between associated nodes based on nodes’ local centrality and the strength of association at the same time.In order to measure the accuracy of the key nodes mining algorithm,we designed influence propagation experiment to test the algorithm.Results show that compared with the classical centrality and other key nodes mining algorithms,key nodes mined by our algorithm have higher ability to spread influence in experimental network,which also illustrates the accuracy of our algorithm.

Key words: Directed network,Centrality,Association,Key nodes,Influence propagation

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