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Research on Parallel Algorithm of Image Saliency Estimation

SHEN Hong and LI Xiao-guang   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Saliency estimation has become an important tool in digital image processing.However,in the existing algorithms,it is difficult to take into account the accuracy and real-time application requirements.In view of the characteristics of the model of the bottom-up image estimation model,a parallel algorithm was proposed to meet the requirement of real-time application,which is based on the advantages of NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture.Super pixel segmentation and Warshall graph theory are combined for edge blurred vision and background probability estimation.Based on the contrast model,the compact area with lower difference of color is high lighted to obtain the optimized saliency map.With the prerequisite of the detection performance,the efficiency was improved,and the requirements of real time application were met.

Key words: Saliency,Background probability,CUDA parallel computing,Warshall graph theory,Fuzzy edge vision

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