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Special Issue: Block Chain Technology

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Survey of Applications Based on Blockchain in Government Department

REN Ming, TANG Hong-bo, SI Xue-ming and YOU Wei   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: As the value of Bitcoin continuously rises,the blockchain technology applied behind it has promptly drawn widespread attention throughout the world,and it has also attracted the attention of governments at the same time.In particular,some countries,represented by the United States,under the support of the governments and the power institutions,have begun to try to apply this technology in various aspects,including the construction of specific information platforms,the operation of equipment supplies,and the control of systems.They think that the features including distribution,traceability and difficult tampering,etc of this technology could give full play to advantages of many aspects such as anonymous data collection,data integrity verification,interconnected communication of intelligent equipments,etc.In the meantime,the government institutions of many countries still maintain a cautious attitude towards the application of blockchain technology and they think that this technology is still faced with lots of problems including security and the universality of application,etc.Through the introduction and analysis of applications of the blockchain technology of government departments,the challenges confronted by current blockchain technology in the applications of government departments were pointed out.Lastly,for these problems,corresponding solutions were brought forward through combing the existing work in the academic field.

Key words: Blockchain,Non-financial applications,Applications in government department,Security,Challenges

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