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Generation Algorithm for Scale-free Networks with Community Structure

ZHENG Wen-ping, QU Rui and MU Jun-fang   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Generating complex network models can help researchers to understand network behaviors and simulate the transmission processes of disease epidemics and information diffusion.It is also important to generate complex networks meeting the characteristics of real networks and having structural diversity.A network generation algorithm TCMSN (Scale-free Network with Tunable Clustering Coefficient and Modularity) was proposed to generate scale-free complex networks with tunable clustering coefficient and modularity.TCMSN can adjust modularity by changing the mixing parameter and adjust clustering coefficient by changing the global preferential attachment probability and mixing parameter of the network.It adopts a reasonable strategy about adding edges in networks to maintain the scale-free characteristics,as much as possible without destroying network diversity.Experimental results on artificial data sets and real networks show that the proposed TCMSN algorithm can not only generate scale-free network model with tunable clustering coefficient and modularity,but also generate network model closed to the community structure of the real networks.

Key words: Network generation models,BA scale free network,Clustering coefficient,Community structure

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