Computer Science ›› 2018, Vol. 45 ›› Issue (2): 109-113.doi: 10.11896/j.issn.1002-137X.2018.02.019

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Fuzzy Weighted Clustering Algorithm with Fuzzy Centroid for Mixed Data

JI Jin-chao, ZHAO Xiao-wei, HE Fei, HU Ying-hui, BAI Tian and LI Zai-rong   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: In fuzzy c-means type algorithms,fuzy parameters are used to control the degree of possible overlap,but it also has the negative effects that all data objects tend to influence all clusters.To solve this issue,Klawonn and Hppner proposed a fuzzy function for replacing the fuzzier.However,this method is only designed for numeric data.In many real-world applications,data objects are usually described by both numeric and categorical attributes.In this paper,a novel weighted fuzzy clustering algorithm based on fuzzy centroid (FWFC) was proposed for the data with both numeric and categorical attributes,i.e.mixed data.In this method,the mean is first integrated with fuzzy centroid to represent the cluster centers.Then,a measure which can evaluate the influence of different attributes in the process of clustering is used to evaluate the dissimilarity between data objects and cluster centers.Finally,the algorithm is presented for clustering the data with mixed attributes.The proposed algorithm was tested by a series of experiments on three mixed datasets.Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms traditional clustering algorithms.

Key words: Fuzzy clustering,Data mining,Mixed data,Dissimilarity measure

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