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Modeling for Three Kinds of Network Attacks Based on Temporal Logic

NIE Kai, ZHOU Qing-lei, ZHU Wei-jun and ZHANG Chao-yang   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Compared with other detection methods,the intrusion detection methods based on temporal logic can detect many complex network attacks effectively.There is no network attack temporal logic formula,so common back,ProcessTable and Saint attacks can not be detected using the above method.Thus,this paper employed propositional interval temporal logic (ITL) and real-time attack signature logic (RASL) to model the temporal logic formula for the three attacks,respectively.In general,based on attack basic principle of the three attacks,the key attack steps are decomposed into atomic actions.Next,this paper defined atomic propositions.Lastly,according to the relationship between the atomicpropositions,this paper constructed the network attack temporal logic formula which is an input of the model checker.In addition,the automaton was used to model the log library as another input of the model checker.The output of the model checker is the result of intrusion detection in the three network attacks.Besides,the intrusion detection method for three attacks was given.

Key words: Propositional interval temporal logic,Real-time attack signature logic,Model checking,Intrusion detection

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