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Cross Evaluation Method Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy

FAN Jian-ping, XUE Kun and WU Mei-qin   

  • Online:2018-02-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: This paper endeavored to extend the secondary goal model based on the relative closeness to the fuzzy environment and made full use of fuzzy information.Then,this paper proposed a new method to convert triangular fuzzy efficiency to intuitionistic fuzzy set,so that it can integrate the fuzzy efficiency with intuitionistic fuzzy entropy.After that,ternary directional distance index was used to rank the whole fuzzy efficiencies.At last,the citation efficiencies of ten management science and system science journals which are identified as the important journals by Management Scien-ce Department of National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2011 were analyzed to illustrate the feasibility and validity of the proposed method.

Key words: Fuzzy data envelopment analysis,Cross-efficiency,Relative closeness,Intuitionistic fuzzy entropy

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