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History and Development Tendency of Data Quality

CAI Li, LIANG Yu, ZHU Yang-yong and HE Jing   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: In the Internet age,data becomes new factors of production,becomes the basic resources and strategic resources,and are important productive forces.Big data services have been widely carried out in China,and data exchanges have been established.Now,data quality has become a key issue restricting the development of data industry.This paper divided the research issues of data quality into three stages according to the chronological order,and summarized the representative results of each stage,including methodologies,techniques,models,tools and frameworks.Then,it analyzed the challenges and opportunities faced by data quality research in the new environment of big data,the internet of things and cloud computing.Finally,it prospected research focuses and development trend of data quality from six aspects:data quality model,quality management of big data,related quality techniques for big data,crowdsourcing,internet of things and data sharing.

Key words: Data quality,History,Development trend,Big data

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