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Edge Cloud Clustering Algorithm Based on Maximal Clique

ZHU Jin-bin, WU Ji-gang and SUI Xiu-feng   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: Effective combination of edge clouds can offer more powerful computing capacity,which is a promising research direction in cloud computing.It is a challenging work to select multiple edge clouds to combine,because a bad strategy will make a negative impact on the computational power of the obtained group.The problem is generally modeled as a resource topology graph in which cloud nodes are represented as vertices,and the links between nodes are represented as edges.The selection of edge cloud is equivalent to subgraph extraction of the resource topology graph,and this is a typical NP problem.The current minStar algorithm extracts the subgraph with the smallest communication delay between nodes,and then assigns the corresponding resources to the customer.It is a greedy strategy,resulting in local optimal and poor global performance.The proposed algorithm based on maximal clique divides maximal cliques into several smaller but complete subgraphs which do not overlap each other,then constructs resource block in unit of complete subgraph,and assigns the cloud resource in unit of resource block.Compared with minStar algorithm,simulation results show that the global maximum communication delay is reduced by 50% with the proposed algorithm.

Key words: Edge cloud,Cloud combination,Maximal clique,Resource block,Global optimization

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