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Approximation Algorithm for Weighted Mixed Domination Problem

ZHANG Jia-nan and XIAO Ming-yu   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: A mixed domination set of graph G =(V,E) is a set D with vertexes and edges in graph G,thus for every edge or vertex in G,if it is not in D,it must be adjacent or incident to at least one vertex or edge in D.The mixed domination problem is to find a mixed domination set with minimum cardinality.The mixed domination problem combines both the vertex domination problem and the edge domination problem,it is NP-complete and has many applications in real life .The weighted mixed domination set problem is a generalization of the mixed domination set problem,where a weight wv is set to each vertex and a weight we is set to each edge,and the problem is to find a mixed domination set for minimum weight.Although the mixed domination set problem has a 2-approximation algorithm,few approximation results are known for the weighted mixed domination set problem.This paper designed a 3-approximation algorithm for the weighted mixed domination set problem with constraint wv≤we.

Key words: Mixed domination problem,Approximation algorithm,Vertex cover problem,Linear programming

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