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Recognition Method for Corn Borer Based on Templates Matching in Muliple Growth Periods

LIU Bo-yi, TANG Xiang-yan and CHENG Jie-ren   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: Corn borer is one of main pests encountered in the corn.In order to solve the problems of high labor intensity,inaccuracy,and being not in time in artificial recognition,a novel identification method for Asiatic corn borer was proposed under natural scenes in this paper,which is based on reverse mapping of histogram and multi-template matching of contours.Firstly,this method performs mathematical morphology preprocessing for the obtained image.Secondly,the total probability image is obtained by using reverse mapping of histogram method and multi-template images,and then image contour can be extracted quickly and accurately by using constraint Otsu,and can be preliminary filtrated according to the perimeter and area characteristics of corn borer.Finally,the contours matched with the characteristics of Asiatic corn borer are selected by using Hu moment characters between multiple reference contours and the obtained target contours,and then identification results with triangle mark are obtained.The experimental results and theoretical analysis show that the proposed method has high timeliness and high recognition accuracy in complex natural scenes.

Key words: Insect pests recognition,Corn borer,Reverse mapping of histogram,Template matching,Hu moment

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