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Estimation Algorithm of Atmospheric Light Based on Gaussian Distribution

ZHANG Wen-bo and HOU Xiao-rong   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: This paper proposed an estimation algorithm of atmospheric light based on Gaussian distribution to solve the problem that the existing approaches estimate the atmospheric light with few candidate points and it may lead to significant statistical error in defogging results.The proposed algorithm firstly uses a brightness threshold to select the candidate points to increase the number of initial sample points.Then it uses some clustering algorithms to merge the obtained clusters to increase the number of sample points in the clusters.It also uses a proportional threshold to filter out unreasonable point clusters and regards each point cluster as a single light source,and then calculates their influence on surrounding pixels with a Gaussian distribution based model.Finally,atmospheric light map instead of a constant value is used to restore the haze image.Experiments show that the defogging results produced by the proposed algorithm are more natural than other defogg algorithms in subjective vision.The image quality evaluation indicators also reveal the fact that the proposed algorithm improves the defoging effect efficiently in objective aspect compared with other algorithms.

Key words: Image defog,Estimation of atmospheric light,Statistical clustering,Gaussian distribution,Image quality evaluation

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