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Support Similarity between Lines Based CoSaMP Algorithm for Image Reconstruction

DU Xiu-li, GU Bin-bin, HU Xing, QIU Shao-ming and CHEN Bo   

  • Online:2018-04-15 Published:2018-05-11

Abstract: The performance of compressive sampling matching pursuit(CoSaMP) is restricted to the choice of its initial support set. Choosing initial support set inaccurately will not only affect the accuracy of recons itution,but also reduce the speed of reconstruction.In order to solve this problem,the stucture of image in sparse domain was introduced into CoSaMP algorithm,and the concept of support set similarity was presented.Then CoSaMP algorithm based on support similarity between lines was proposed and the high similarity between the adjoining rows in one digital image was used.The results of this experiment show that the proposed algorithm has higher quality in reconstruction without increa-sing the time complexity of algorithm,and the peak signal-to-noise ratio enhances 0.6~2.5dB compared with the traditional CoSaMP algorithm under the same condition of sampling frequency.

Key words: Compressive sensing,Greedy algorithm,Compressive sampling matching pursuit,Sparse support,Similarity

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