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Research on Definition and Technological System of Cyberspace Surveying and Mapping

ZHOU Yang, XU Qing, LUO Xiang-yang, LIU Fen-lin, ZHANG Long and HU Xiao-fei   

  • Online:2018-05-15 Published:2018-07-25

Abstract: Carrying out the research of geo-cyberspace and applying the theories,methods and technologies of geo-mapping to cyberspace situational awareness,have been the hot issues that researchers of survey-mapping and network focus on.Firstly,this paper expounded the concept of geospatial space and cyberspace respectively.After reviewing the deve-lopment and research status of geo-cyberspace,the concept of cyberspace mapping was proposed for the first time.Then,the research range of surveying and mapping of cyberspace was described,and so were the function and statement.The technological system of network space mapping was sorted out,and the involved key technologies were analyzed.At last,this paper focused on the research of geo-cyberspace mapping technologies and gave the preliminary test results.The research shows that cyberspace provides thinking and theories for geography as a new space and thing.Cyberspace mapping research has important significance for constructing and enriching the surveying and mapping scienti-fic theory.Development and application of methods and technologies used in geo-mapping can help network researchers and managers detect network resources and perceive network situation more timely and precisely.

Key words: Cyberspace,Geographical space,Geo-cyberspace,Surveying and mapping of cyberspace,Localization of network node,Cyberspace map

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