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Caching and Replacing Strategy in Information-centric Network Based on Content Popularity and Community Importance

LUO Jian-zhen,CAI Jun ,LIU Yan,ZHAO Hui-min   

  1. Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University,Guangzhou 510665,China
  • Received:2017-10-10 Online:2018-07-30 Published:2018-07-30

Abstract: The temporal and spatial distribution of content in the existing information-centric networking (ICN) cache strategy is irrational,and there exists the problem of invalid caching and homogeneous caching.In light of this,this paper proposed a caching and replacing strategy in ICN based on content popularity and community importance.In this strategy,content popularity and community importance of node are combined to select caching nodes,and the contents with different popularities are cached discretely in nodes with different community importance,so as to make the spatial distribution of content be reasonable,thus improving the diversification of caching contents.Meanwhile,the replacing strategy based on local popularity in a community is propitious to optimize the temporal distribution of caching content,so that the spatial distribution of content can be adjusted dynamically.The experimental results show that the proposed strategy can effectively reduce the average response time of user interest and improve cache hit rate and cache difference in the whole network.

Key words: Cache, Content popularity, Information-centric networking, Node importance

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