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Novel Fault Diagnosis Parallel Algorithm for Hypercube Networks

GUO Yang1,2, LIANG Jia-rong1,2, LIU Feng1,2, XIE Min1   

  1. (School of Computer and Electronics Information,Nanning 530004,China)1
    (Guangxi Key Laboratory of Multimedia Communications and Network Technology,Nanning 530004,China)2
  • Received:2018-03-29 Revised:2018-06-04 Published:2019-05-15

Abstract: Hypercube is one of valuable interconnection networks.Aiming at the problem of high complexity of existing fault diagnosis algorithm in hypercube network,this paper proposed a concept of fault fan.The parallel depth-first search strategy algorithm is used to find the fault fan in hypercube networks,and the fault node of network is determined in order to replace or repair it,which provides a significant way for enhancing the reliability of network.In the end,the complexity of the proposed algorithm was analyzed.It is proved that the time complexity of the algorithm does not exceed O(N),which is far better than the algorithm with more than square complexity.

Key words: Hypercube network, Fault diagnosis, Fault fans, System level diagnosis

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  • TP373
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