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Digital Signature Algorithm Based on QC-LDPC Code

YANG Xue-fei, ZHENG Dong, REN Fang   

  1. (School of Telecommunication and Information Engineering,Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications,Xi’an 710121,China)
    (National Engineering Laboratory for Wireless Security,Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications,Xi’an 710121,China)
  • Received:2018-04-08 Published:2019-06-24

Abstract: Code-based public key cryptography can resist the attack of quantum algorithms.Aiming at the large amount of key in classical CFS signature scheme,this paper proposed a kind of CFS signature scheme based on QC-LDPC codes.This scheme improves the traditional CFS signature scheme based on QC-LDPC codes.The BP fast decoding algorithm of QC-LDPC codes is used in the signature process.The analysis shows that the new scheme can reduce the key storage space of CFS,improve the efficiency of signature,and effectively resist the attack of quantum algorithm without reducing the security.

Key words: BP decoding algorithm, CFS signature scheme, Public key cryptography, QC-LDPC codes

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  • TP309
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