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Review of Concept Drift Data Streams Mining Techniques

DING Jian, HAN Meng and LI Juan   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: Data stream is a new data model proposed in recent years.It has different characteristics such as dynamic,infinite,high dimensional,orderly,high speed and evolving.In some data stream applications,the information embedded in the data is evolving over time that has the characteristics of concept drift or change.These data streams are known as evolving data streams or concept drift data streams.Therefore,the algorithms that mine data streams have space and time restrictions,and need to adapt change automatically.In this paper,we provided the survey of concept drift and classification,clustering and pattern mining on concept drift data streams.Firstly,we introduced the types and detection methods about concept drift.In order to deal with the concept drift,the sliding window model is used to mining data stream.The data stream classification model includes single model and ensemble model.The common methods include decision tree,classification association rules and so on.Data stream clustering methods can be divided into k-means based method and not.Pattern mining can provide useful patterns for classification,clustering,association rules and so on.Patterns include frequent patterns,sequential patterns,episode,sub-tree,sub-graph,high utility patterns and so on.Finally,we introduced the frequent patterns and high utility patterns in detail.

Key words: Data stream mining,Classification,Clustering,Frequent pattern mining,Concept drift

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