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Bunchy Memory Method for Dynamic Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization

LIU Min, ZENG Wen-hua and LIU Yu-zhen   

  • Online:2018-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: One of the challenges in dynamic evolutionary multi-objective optimization (DEMO) is how to exploit past optimal solutions to help DEMO algorithm track and adapt to the changing environment quickly.To alleviate the above difficulty,this paper proposed a bunchy memory (BM) method for DEMO.In the BM method,firstly,a sampling procedure based on minimized utility function is designed to sample a bunch of memory points from the non- dominate set so as to maintain good diversity of memory.Then,the memory is organized as a bunchy queue,so that a number of bunches of memory points sampled from past environment changes can be easily stored in the memory.Next,past optimal solutions stored in the memory are reused to rapidly respond to the new change by using a retrieving procedure based on binary tournament selection.The BM method has good memory effect and improves the convergence and diversity of DEMO algorithm significantly.Experiment results on four benchmark test problems indicate that the proposed BM method has better memory performance than other three methods.Accordingly,the convergence and diversity of the DEMO algorithm,which incorporates the BM method,are also obviously better than those of the other three DEMO algorithms.

Key words: Evolutionary computation,Multi-objective optimization,Dynamic environment,Memory,Pareto optimal front

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