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Cache Location Decision and Operating Allocation Schema Based on SDN in WMN

YE Xiao-qin, REN Yan-yang, SUN Ting and HENIGULI·Wumaier   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: For the issue that cache management efficiency of information center network is low,a method was proposed to improve cache management efficiency,and the concept of software defined network (SDN) in the environment of wireless mesh network (WMN) was taken full use of.The main work is reflected in the SDN content management,in which the location of network topology,content size and the location of cache node resource are considered for cache location decision.The request of clients and the position of cache nodes are considered for cache operation,and the operation is divided into off-path caching through the branch point and on-path caching through cache node content streams.The controller determines the distribution of the allocation work by the cached content table.Experiments are carried out in two kinds of environments,small network where the clients are locally converged and large network where the clients are locally distributed.The proposed schemes decrease the average response delay by 23.95% with only 5.13kb control traffic load per second in comparison to random cache location scheme.Compared with other in-network cache schemes,the efficiency of the node cache in WMN is maximized,and the content cache allocation performance is significantly enhanced,also the system does not have a large number of additional overhead.

Key words: Software defined network (SDN),Wireless mesh network,Operating allocation,Cache,Clients,OpenFlow protocol

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