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Event Sensing and Multimodal Event Vein Generation Leveraging Social Media

XU Cheng-hao, GUO Bin, OUYANG Yi, ZHAI Shu-ying and YU Zhi-wen   

  • Online:2017-12-01 Published:2018-12-01

Abstract: With the development of information technology and popularity of social media,normal users have become information producers from receivers and everyone can share what happened around them and repost what they are interested in,which makes the information stored in social media increase rapidly.The large amount of data contains abundant and valuable records of social events.How to get valuable informations from these data has become one of the most important problems in information field.This paper introduced the new research field,including crowd-powered event sensing and multimodal summarization to solve this problem.Crowd-powered event sensing and multimodal summarization aim at sensing and analyzing events by analyzing multimodal data existed in social media to predict and summarize events effectively.This paper described the modal of event,the history of sensing,the key technology,challenges and wide application field,summarized the development of event sensing and summarization based social media analysis and looked into the future.

Key words: Social media,Event sensing,Multimodal data,Storyline,Cross media

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