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Design and Simulation of Intelligent Control Algorithm for Quad-rotors under Wind Disturbance

XIAO Chang-shi, MAO Yi-han, YUAN Hai-wen and WEN Yuan-qiao   

  • Online:2018-05-15 Published:2018-07-25

Abstract: In order to improve the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of quad-rotor UAV under the condition of wind disturbance,a method of optimizing fuzzy controller rules was proposed to improve the performance of the controller by using genetic algorithm.Firstly,the characteristics of the wind speed change under natural conditions were analyzed to establish a corresponding mathematical model and they were introduced into the system as environmental noise.Based on the dynamic model of quad-rotor UAV,a fuzzy PID controller was designed to control it.At the same time,the fuzzy subsets in the fuzzy controller were genetically coded,and an improved genetic algorithm was designed to realize the readjustment and optimization of fuzzy rules.The experimental results in the Matlab/Simulink simulation environment show that the algorithm effectively improves the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the quad-rotor UAV in the face of complex interference.

Key words: Quad-rotor,Disturbance model of wind,Genetic algorithm,Fuzzy PID control,Matlab/Simulink simulation

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