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Weighted KNN Data Classification Algorithm Based on Rough Set

LIU Ji-yu, WANG Qiang, LUO Zhao-hui, SONG Hao and ZHANG Lv-yun   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Rough set is one of the basic methods in dealing with the imprecise or indefinite problems.For its advantages that the priori knowledge about analyzing dataset isn’t necessary and the parameters analysis needn’t to be set artificially,rough set is widely used in pattern recognition and data mining fields.For rough set theory,a core problem is how to classify the sample which has never been met in the process of training.This problem was discussed in detail in this paper.According to the importance of the condition attributes,a weighted KNN algorithm was proposed to classify the samples which can’t precisely match to decision rules,and the contrast test with the weighted minimum distance (WMD) method was made to show the efficiency of our algorithm.At the same time,the existing algorithms about the attribute value reduction in rough set were analyzed and another point of view was put forward. The experiments on several UCI data sets and comparison with various existing algorithms proposed recently show that our algorithm is superior to these algorithms in overall effect.

Key words: Rough set,Weighted KNN,Weighted minimal distance,Attribute value reduction

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