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Key Frame Extraction Algorithm Based on Improved Block Color Features and Second Extraction

LIU Hua-yong and LI Tao   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Key frame extraction is an important technique in video summarization,searching,browsing and understanding.Nowadays some problems exist in the algorithms of key frame extraction,such as selecting features problem,choosing threshold difficultly,week adaptability and so on.In order to extract key frame efficiently,this paper proposed an improved key frame extraction algorithm based on low-level features.Firstly,each frame is divided into equal-area rectangular ring.Secondly,sub-block accumulative color histogram is extracted as color features and different weights are set for different rectanglular rings in order to highlight the central part of frame.Thirdly,key frames are selected in accordance with the significant change of frames.Lastly,key frames are optimized and selected in accordance with the frames of location in the video.The experiment results show that the proposed algorithm has good adaptability and can effectively reduce redundant key frames when the shot has a sudden flash or the object moves fast.Finally,the extracted key frames by this algorithm can express the primary content of video effectively.

Key words: Key frame,Color feature,Equal-area rectangular ring,Second extraction

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