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Research on Invulnerability of IPv6 AS-level Internet

QIN Li, HUANG Shu-guang and CHEN Xiao   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: With the rapid development of Internet and the Internet of Things,it is an inevitable trend to transfer the communication protocol from IPv4 to IPv6.This paper collected the latest IPv6 AS-level Internet data from the project of CAIDA Ark(2014.6).By modeling this data based on complex network,we found that the IPv6 Internet also has small-world and scale-free properties.Furthermore,on the basis of analyzing the structure of the IPv4 Internet and the commonly measures of invulnerability,we proposed the measures of invulnerability for the IPv6 Internet and the method of how to do the invulnerability experiment.The results show that this measures can do well in describing the performance of invulnerability.Under different attack strategies,of which the attack based on the order of degree can make the largest effect of damage,we found that the IPv6 Internet has the characteristics of robustness and vulnerability.

Key words: Complex network,IPv6,AS-level Internet,Invulnerability

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