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Advances in Biological Sequence Alignment Parallel Processing Based on Heterogeneous Systems

ZHU Xiang-yuan, LI Ren-fa, LI Ken-li and HU Zhong-wang   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: Sequence alignment is a fundamental operation in Bioinformatics.In recent years,there have been extensive studies and rapid progresses in biological sequence alignment parallel processing technologies due to its wide use,high computational complexity and large-scale data.This paper first analyzed the new development of high performance computing in sequence alignment,and then classified the up-to-date researches based on the applied architectures.Their implementation and performance were compared and analyzed in detail.It was pointed out that problems such as memory access control,synchronization,data transferring and scalability of algorithms are the key techniques to the study of biological sequence alignment parallel processing.Finally,some future directions of research were given.

Key words: Sequence alignment,Parallel processing,Heterogeneity,GPU,FPGA,Cell BE,MIC

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