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Optimization of RSA Encryption Algorithm for Android Mobile Phone and Design of QR Code Encryption Security System

FANG Wen-he, LI Guo-he, WU Wei-jiang, HONG Yun-feng and ZHOU Xiao-ming   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Based on the Android intelligent mobile terminal,the mobile two-dimensional code encryption security system was designed.The encryption module is based on RSA algorithm.To improve the running efficiency of RSA algorithm in the mobile terminal,the Monte Carb probabilistic algorithm is combined with Miller-Rabin prime test optimization strategies to get rapid random strong prime algorithm to improve the RSA algorithm efficiency of initialization and encryption,and MMRC decryption algorithm was used to optimize RSA decryption process.In addition,the M-ary algorithm was introduced to optimize the modular exponentiation carried out during the RSA algorithm.By realizing the above three aspects of optimazation,the 200 comparison test results show the improved RSA algorithm has improved significantly in the Android cryptographic security module than the original RSA algorithm.

Key words: QR code,RSA,Android,M-ary algorithm,Smart security

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