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Efficient Cellular Networks Collaboration Transmission Technology with QoS Constraints and Beamforming Criterion

SONG Hai-long and ZHANG Shu-zhen   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

Abstract: For the issues that data transfer efficiency is not high and the energy is larger caused by the serious cellular network interference,a efficient cellular networks collaboration transmission technology with QoS constraints and beamforming criterion was proposed.The technology uses a heterogeneous system model composed of the macrocell cellular network and the femtocell, and analyzes the network communication and power signal interference conditions.Based on QoS constrain efficient collaboration transmission algorithm,the QoS constraints is used to optimize energy efficiency of data transmission into a beam-forming and power allocation,and the QoS constraints is introduced into beamforming criteria to improve the state of the network interference and increase the energy efficiency.The comparison of the experimental results indicates that this technique can improve the energy efficiency of the cellular network for data transmission,and reduce the communication interference.

Key words: Cellular networks,QoS constraints,Efficient collaboration transmission,Beamforming

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