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Study on Watershed Algorithm Applied to Active Contour Model Energy Segmentation Algorithm

WANG Mei, LI Lin, WANG Bin and HE Gao-ming   

  • Online:2018-11-13 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Active contour model (snake model) is widely used in edge detection,image segmentation and other fields.The model is able to initialize the target and autonomous convergence,so that the energy in the state achieves the minimum target separation.When the target initial position is sensitive,it needs to rely on other mechanisms for the internal energy reasonable initialization,and dues to the non-convexity model,and it is possible to converge to a local extreme point even diverge.This article used watershed algorithm to the energy of active contour model segmentation algorithm to determine the initial contour active contour models through improved watershed algorithm,and used iteration of the local neighborhood around the point contour points to select smaller contour retrieval model.When the minimum value is gotten the extraction of target contour is completed.

Key words: Image segmentation,Watershed,Active contour model,Energy segmentation,Contour extraction,Image energy

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