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IEEE 802.15.4实时通信调度算法研究


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  • 出版日期:2018-11-14 发布日期:2018-11-14
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Study on IEEE 802.15.4 Scheduling Algorithms for Real-time Communication

HU Xian-jun, CHEN Jian-xin, ZHOU Sheng-qiang and CHENG Yi   

  • Online:2018-11-14 Published:2018-11-14

摘要: IEEE 802.15.4是低功耗无线通信媒体接入控制协议,目前已广泛应用于医疗健康、工业控制和楼宇自动化等物联网领域。为满足不同应用需求,研究者提出了多种适用于IEEE 802.15.4协议的实时通信算法。根据带宽利用率、延时约束和能效性等特征,对这些实时通信调度算法进行分类、比较和性能分析,以助于在实际应用中合理部署。另外,对未来的研究工作进行了展望。

关键词: 无线传感网络,IEEE 802.15.4,GTS分配,实时通信,综述

Abstract: IEEE 802.15.4 protocol is a media access control protocol for low power wireless communication,which has been widely used in the internet of things field,such as medical health,industrial control,and building automation etc.In order to satisfy the real time requirement of different application,researchers have proposed a lot of IEEE 802.15.4 scheduling algorithms for real time communication.According to the bandwidth utilization,delay constraints,energy efficiency and other ability index,these algorithms for real time communication were classified,compared and analyzed to help for their deployment.In addition,the future work was prospected.

Key words: Wireless sensor network,IEEE 802.15.4,GTS allocation,Realtime communication,Survey

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