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Virtual Network Reconfiguration Algorithm for Nodes Load Balancing

LI Zhen-tao, MENG Xiang-ru ,ZHAO Zhi-yuan, SU Yu-ze   

  1. Information and Navigation Institute,Air Force Engineering University,Xi’an 710077,China
  • Received:2017-05-04 Online:2018-07-30 Published:2018-07-30

Abstract: In order to improve the acceptance ratio of virtual network embedding,this paper proposed a virtual network reconfiguration algorithm based on nodes load balancing,which aims to overcome the problem of physical network nodes imbalance.The algorithm sets a threshold based on available and minimal physical nodes resource,resets the physical nodes which exceed the threshold,and formulates a flexible strategy for selecting virtual nodes on the reconfi-gured physical nodes.The method reduces the number of migrated virtual nodes in case of balancing physical nodes load.The simulation results show that the method balances physical nodes load,and improves the acceptance ratio of virtual network request and the utilization rate of physical network resource.

Key words: Network virtualization, Nodes load balancing, Reconfiguration, Virtual network

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  • TP393
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