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Spatial-Temporal Co-occurrence Pattern Mining Algorithm Based on Network

ZHANG Yong-mei, GUO Sha, JI Yan, MA Li and ZHANG Rui   

  • Online:2018-03-15 Published:2018-11-13

Abstract: Most databases cannot effectively deal with time dimension of data,the spatial-temporal co-occurrence pattern mining is helpful to extract implicit valuable information from large spatio-temporal dataset,and it has become a hot research topic at present.To overcome lower mining efficiency of current co-occurrence pattern discovery methods,a double-level network model was used to initialize spatio-temporal dataset.In the calculation of spatial-temporal interes-tingness,traditional methods ignore the fact that every object-type has effective lifecycle.Thus,the current computation of interestingness was improved in this paper.We introduced weight eigenvalue and proposed a new spatial-temporal co-occurrence pattern mining algorithm based on network.Experiment results show that the proposed algorithm is more effective to calculate co-occurrence patterns in test sets with different data volumes than the methods without modeling or modeling instance layer only.

Key words: Co-occurrence pattern,Spatial-temporal relation network,Spatial-temporal interestingness,Effective lifecycle

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